Dablicator Oil Applicator

What is a Dablicator?

Dablicator™ oil applicator is the easiest, most versatile way to experience cannabis. With a simple twist, click, and push, you’ll dispense a repeatable dose of cannabis oil however you need it. Designed to replace a messy syringe, Dablicator™ oil applicator is ideal for all oil types, including solventless, rosin, live resin, RSO, distillate, and full-spectrum CBD.


How does dosing work?

Dosing with Dablicator™ oil applicator is very easy. Each black mark on the Dablicator™ oil applicator plunger is approximately 55mg of oil, while the final, red line is approximately 165mg dose of oil. Remember that dosing is dependent on the potency of the oil. For example, a ~55mg dose of 80% THC oil would be ~55mg x 80% = ~44mg of THC.


What can I use Dablicator oil applicator for?

Dablicator™ oil applicator is the most versatile cannabis product available. If you use cannabis concentrates, you’ve got a use for Dablicator™ oil applicator. Dablicator™ oil applicator can be used for hot or cold start dabs with its heat-resistant, metal Direct Dab Tip™, dabbing directly into your rig. It’s also the perfect tool for adding cannabis concentrates to flower, whether as a bowl topper, a joint twaxer, or a blunt infuser. If you’re into edibles, Dablicator™ oil applicator is a great way to dose homemade edibles with its measured dosing, and it can even be used sublingually. If you use topicals, Dablicator™ oil applicator can be used to accurately dispense oil directly where you need it. And if you’re more of the DIY type, Dablicator™ oil applicator is an easy way to fill your own cartridges for vaping.


How to Use a Dablicator?

Dablicator™ oil applicator is incredibly easy to use! First, take the cap off the tip. Then, hold the tank and twist the body, revealing the plunger. Hear and feel the clicks as the device twists while the plunger extends. Each black mark on the plunger is approximately 55mg of oil, and the final red line is approximately 165mg of oil. Once you’ve twisted and clicked to your desired dose, press the plunger to dispense the oil. And when you’re done dispensing oil, just twist back on the body to stop the flow of oil!

When you first use a new Dablicator™ oil applicator, you will need to prime it by going through the above steps to use the device and pushing the air bubble that sometimes occurs. Once you’ve cleared this air bubble, you’ll be able to use the Dablicator™ oil applicator normally.



More Dablicator FAQs

What do I need to know to Infuse Food and Beverages With Dablicator?

There is lots to know before infusing edibles with cannabis oil. For instance, you can learn more about the lipid soluble nature of cannabinoids, which bind to fats. You can also calculate how much THC will be contained in your infused oil or check out some recipes that incorporate cannabis oil in their recipes.

How can I calculate the potency of infused oil for my recipes?

Calculating the potency of infused oil is important for controlling the effects of your edibles. To calculate potency, start by determining the amount of THC per serving. Multiply the total THC content by the number of servings in your recipe. Then, divide the amount of oil you want to use by the number of servings. Dablicator™ simplifies this process by providing measuring lines, with each line representing 55mg of oil for consistent dosing.