Crescent City Therapeutics Opens New Medical Marijuana Pharmacy as Industry Outlook Expands

Mar 14, 2024

Kenner, Louisiana – Crescent City Therapeutics celebrated a significant milestone as they cut the ribbon for their new medical marijuana pharmacy on Thursday, March 14. This marked the tenth and final pharmacy to be granted a license under Louisiana’s existing state law on medical marijuana.

Surpassing 32 other applicants, Crescent City Therapeutics emerged victorious in the competitive selection process. CEO Lovie Rodgers expressed pride in their achievements, emphasizing the importance of taking the necessary time to ensure compliance and adhere to high standards.

The limited number of licenses and legal growers reflects the controlled nature of the medical marijuana industry in Louisiana. At present, Louisiana allows medical marijuana with a prescription, while recreational use remains prohibited. However, state legislators have introduced bills to expand and transform the industry’s landscape.

Representative Candace Newell, a strong advocate for change, has proposed two bills to address this issue. One bill, HB649, aims to present recreational marijuana legalization to voters, though it faces an uphill battle. Another bill, HB54, seeks to increase the number of growers to ten, provided recreational marijuana is legalized.

Rep. Joe Stagni, who attended the ceremonial ribbon-cutting, envisions a gradual expansion of the medical marijuana industry in response to demand. He emphasizes the need for a balanced approach, balanced with careful regulation.

Notably, Representative Neil Riser has introduced HB376, a bill that extends the state’s medical marijuana program until July 1, 2030, empowering LSU and Southern University, the two licensed growers, to conduct marijuana research. Riser believes in the importance of innovative thinking and the potential for groundbreaking research in this field.

While the outcome of these legislative efforts remains uncertain, the medical marijuana industry celebrated the addition of Crescent City Therapeutics as another provider of essential services. Their commitment to delivering high-quality products and patient care will undoubtedly contribute to the medical community’s ongoing growth and development.

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